Fujifilm Assignment • Aperture and Depth of Field Creativity Winner: Stephen Bell

Llanddwyn Island, Wales • Nikon D810, Sigma 50mmm Art, f/9, 1/20sec, ISO 64

Picture by Stephen Bell from UK

I am forging a second career as a photographer post early retirement. I use two camera systems: Nikon D810 with a variety of Nikon and Sigma lenses and a Fujifilm X-T20. Particular interests are landscape and architecture.
Stephen Bell

A much photographed Victorian lighthouse off Newborough Beach on a stretch of land that becomes an island twice a day.
This was captured at sunset. I have filtered the sky to better reflect the strained sunlight on my subject. Of all my pictures this is one of the most popular with my friends.

Feedback by Pro Patricia Davidson

I really like the warm, golden tones in this image. The hues in the clouds compliment the grasses on the cliff surrounding the lighthouse. The lighthouse and cliff positioned on the right with the mountains on the horizon and rocks in the water on the left, offer a pleasing composition to this image. My eye is instantly drawn to the lighthouse and great light. I believe this is due to the framing of this image, as well as the leading line from the path that connects to the stairs. The stairs, in a nice s-curve, continues to bring my eye up to the historic lighthouse and the stunning light.
I have a couple of suggestions for this image. I would straighten the horizon line a bit. It’s not off by much but it does need to be done. My next suggestion would be to try a neutral density filter to slow down the shutter speed and smooth out the water next time. Smoothing out the water could really make an impact on an already really nice image.

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