Frozen Petals, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA by Susan Milinkovich

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Picture Story

Spring had arrived in Ohio, but it was still cold and snowy outside. After reading an article by Kathleen Clemons about freezing flowers in ice and capturing macro images, I decided it sounded like a good project for a cold, un-springlike weekend. After a trip to the grocery store for flowers, I froze eight containers of flowers and started having fun. I set up on my kitchen table which has large windows that face the southwest and provide soft, natural light for image capture.

This rose was one of the prettiest of all the flowers frozen because of the air bubbles that froze in the water and reflected the pink color from the rose petals. In order to get maximum depth of field in the rose petals, I focused stacked my shots taking six images and then post processing the images using Helicon Focus, with raw processing done in Adobe Camera Raw and final processing done in Photoshop. This image shows that we don't always have to travel to exciting locations to capture beautiful images. You can make beautiful images right in your own kitchen on cold, snowy days.

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