Frosty Window, Waterford, Maine, USA by Brenda Tharp

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My sister has a farm and greenhouses to grow things during the winter months. I had seen frost on her porch window that morning and knew that the walls of the greenhouse and the doors would likely have frost too. After piling on warm clothing, I trudged up the hill to the greenhouse and was treated with a spectacular display of frost. The only challenge was that most of it was overhead on the curved walls and the depth of field was not rendering it all sharp enough. I created 5 exposures at different focus points and blended those using software to get the final image. A slight breeze made that challenging, I had to do two or three series to get a set that had on movement between frames in order for the blending to work. The morning sun had warmed up the color temperature but I preferred it to be a cooler palette to represent how cold it was that morning.

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