Fredvang Bridges, Lofoten Islands, Norway by Fred Bommer

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While visiting Norway, I stayed in a home in quaint and picturesque fishing village of Fredvang in the southern part of the Lofoten Islands, Norway.

I always seek to find emotional and visual serenity and peace whenever and wherever I travel abroad for photography, and Norway did not disappoint. Everywhere I turned, there was beauty and serenity to be experienced and absorbed and one of my favorites was the Fredvang Bridges connecting the island of Fredvang with the island of Moskenesøya, two of many bridges connecting the many islands of Lofoten with each other.

I was returning to my accommodations after a day long excursion and after crossing the bridges, I glanced back and beheld a sight so peaceful and serene that I just had to capture the moment.

As with most of the images I choose to capture on camera, I strive to visually recreate the emotions and serenity that lay before me for the viewer to experience what I felt and saw at the moment I pressed the shutter button...well, as much as one can experience without actually being there.

With the bridges, I set up my tripod and chose to take the shot with a 30 second exposure to create the beautiful water blur to compliment the bridges. With a little clarity increase, I was able to capture what I felt and how the scene before me brought peace and serenity to my soul.

For this is my aspirations as a photographer: to capture such images to evoke emotions, cause reflective thought, and to cause one to gasp from the sheer "depth" of what I create; for anything less, for me, will not be acceptable.

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