Frauenberg, Bavaria, Germany by Markus Treffer

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Picture Story

The first frost in this region. This is a group of trees on the "Frauenberg", a well known spot near the little town Eichstätt in Bavaria. When the weather is "fine" for "Sunday-Walkers" it's difficult to take a Picture. Because of the many people near the town.

So it's much more interesting to take part of the landscape early in the morning or when the weather is challenging.

My original goal was to capture the sun through the fog and some lonely trees on an other place. Early that morning i stayed right on place. But no sun. Only white and grey. No people and no sound. This was a fascinating situation. There was no colour in the complete freezing white scene. It was like putting your camera in "black and white mode". It was nice too. I took a lot of "naturally" black and white photos. Not the crisp ones rather the spooky ones with a feeling of loneliness.

After 2 hours I decided to go home.

On my way I looked on these trees. These Group of maple trees (an occasionally destination of mine) stay on a wide plane of grass. A typical Situation in this region called "Jura". The sun behind the fog shines stronger through now. It's midmorning meanwhile. The sun, the fog and the frost made the colours of the leafs on the ground pop. A nice contrasty situation. I didn't expect this. Everywhere was mist and fog and frost. But not on the fallen leafs from the trees. The last autumn showed again it's colours. After 2 hours without colours this capture was very surprising for me.

And finally this shows me, that sometimes it is better to take a detour on the way home. And it shows me the diversity of one place.

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