Fotinovo River, Bulgaria by Yuliyan Ivanov

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There are three waterfalls nearby the village of Fotinovo, located in the Rhodope mountains, Bulgaria. A dirt path starting at the end of the village follows the Fotinska river and leads to the waterfalls. The last part of the hike is rather steep. There are two trails starting from the dirt road and going to the river. The one to the left is steeper and goes to the first of the waterfalls.

The other one - that goes to the right is quite steep as well, but definitely easier. It goes to the second and the third waterfall and also to a place where from visitor can see not only the waterfalls but also the impressive rocks to the west side of the river. The one who decides to climb over the rocks will be rewarded with magnificent view of the highest of the three waterfalls - the second one, which is 19m high.

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