Foggy Sunrise at Arches, Utah, USA by Kristie Burns

I woke up at 5am bursting with excitement to take photos of the sunrise at Arches National Park. I had only visited once before for a half hour on my way to another destination but I knew where I wanted to take my sunrise shot. I was prepared with my tripod and all my lenses. I had even looked online the night before to make sure the park would be opened as it was the first day of the government park closures in 2019. I arrived and was thrilled to see only two other photographers. I waited eagerly in the snow, wind, and 20 degree temperatures for the fog to lift. The other two photographers cursed at the weather and left. I was initially disappointed but then the sun came up through the fog and made everything look enchanted. I didn't know which way to turn first. I had come for the sunrise but the fog was a surprise gift that I enjoyed much more than I would have any sunrise. I highly recommend visiting Arches in the winter. The white snow against the red rock and the unusual weather opportunities make for some unique photos of this popular tourist destination.

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