Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island, Australia by Erika Valkovicova

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Picture Story

Christmas Island, also called the 'Galapagos of the Indian Ocean', is a true eco-paradise with unique fauna and flora and beautiful wild coast. This remote island belongs to Australia and it is famous for its red crab migration. Flying Fish Cove is the capital city and main settlement of the island and the peaceful beach at the cove has some very photogenic rocks, which make this place fantastic for seascape photography at both sunrise and sunset.

Brown boobies are nesting in the trees and when I saw them flying in and out of the lone tree growing on the rock, I knew I would like to include the birds in my shot. In order to capture the boobies sharp and blur the water, I had to blend 2 images - one short exposure of 1/160s to freeze the movement of the boobies in flight and a long exposure of 30s for the ocean using an ND filter. I kept the composition for both images the same with my tripod carefully positioned far enough from the waves and only placed the filter and adjusted the shutter speed to capture the silky waves after I managed to get the shot of the boobies. The setting sun illuminated the clouds in the background, which gave the final image with a dark silhouette a nice touch.

I visited Christmas Island late March during Easter 2018, which is two months after the red crab migration season making the island an ideal getaway for those, who prefer to visit places out of the main tourist season!

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