Fiska, Hakallestranda, Norway by Stale Thunem

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Picture Story

This location is near my homeplace with easy access to the beach, 10 min to walk from car park. The sunset here in the summer is often spectacular.

The little rock out in the sea with the pond and the big stone is one of my favorite places. In horizont to left we can see the peninsula “Stadlandet” with the famous mountain “Kjerringa” ( 497 m) or “Vestkapp” with stunning panoramic views in all directions. It is located on northwest coast of Norway.

The sea road around Stad and Vestkapp is one of the most harsh areas in Norway , and is notorious for its currents and rapidly changing weather. Many ships have ended their voyage in these waters.

In mid-August, the sun will set in the sea between Stadlandet and the islands in the north. This is the best time for photography if you want pictures of sunsets in the sea.

This warm August evening I got to see a beautiful sunset first. Then I had to wait until the sun had gone behind the horizon and the blue colors appeared in the landscape around me. About 1 hour after sunset I had the opportunity to take this picture with biting midges swarming around me. To take this picture I used the Canon EOS 6D with Tamron 17-36 mm F / 2.8-4 DI OSD and a NSI soft nano GND8 (0,9) filter.

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