Fishing Rock, New York, USA by Samantha Kennedy

Summer is here on Long Island which means the sunrise is over the Long Island Sound now. This makes the North shore a much better location to capture sunrise, while the sun will slowly make it's way back to the South shore through the summer. This morning I woke at 4:15 AM so I take the half hour drive out to Wading River Beach. Sunrise is at 5:23 AM right now so early rise, although not fun is necessary to get the shot you are looking for. I haven't been to Wading River Beach in a year and I forgot that there is a large rock out in the Long Island Sound facing East. Once I saw it I knew that I wanted to zoom in on it and take a long exposure before the sun rose over the Horizon. I used my Nikon D750 with the Nikon 24-120 lens at 100m and a Cokin NUANCES 4x4" ND 10 Stops (3.0) Schott Glass Filter for my 60 second exposure. I was quite happy with the result of this exposure and all of the horizontal lines that were created by the clouds.

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