Fir Tree, Dorset, England by Lindsey Harris

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Picture Story

This lonely pine tree at Morden Bog National Nature Reserve, in Dorset, was the sole survivor in an area where all the other trees had been felled.

With its interestingly shaped trunk, yet almost perfectly symmetrical branches, it stood tall and proud in the bleak landscape.

It was a cold, bright and breezy 'wrong time of day' in December when I took the photo, so the conditions were pretty challenging. However, if there's one thing I've learnt over the years it's that photo opportunities wait for no man, especially where nature is concerned. The perfect time is often right now, otherwise your chance may be lost for ever. With that in mind, I took some photos of the tree and forgot all about it.

About a year later I was going through a folder of unedited photographs and there was the lonely tree. I knew, immediately, that I needed to make a return visit to see how much the tree had grown, and take some more photos.

Upon my return I realised that there had been a good reason for the land clearance. The tree and a huge part of the surrounding area had been completely fenced off, with no way in - very annoying from a photographer's point of view. The high and sturdy wire fence had been erected very close to the tree, so taking a good photo had become quite impossible.

On the plus side I realise that the tree and surrounding land is being protected from competing trees, shrubs, deer etc., so perhaps the fence will come down when the tree is bigger and the land has recovered. If that happens I'll be there, camera in hand.

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