Fall Meets Winter, Indiana, USA by Logan Armbruster

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Picture Story

I took this photo in a local park located just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana where I reside. I know this location well as I am able to visit quite frequently, but on this particular morning I was looking for something a little different than what I usually capture at this location.

It was the time of year when winter is beckoning the end of autumn. Brisk mornings are sure to bring frost, but the gleaming sun is just as sure to melt it away as it rises over the horizon. With this in mind, I set out early that morning to try to capture the frost as it covered the freshly fallen leaves and evoke a clash of the seasons feeling. Autumn was succumbing to winter and I needed to capture it.

I started my search for a photograph in the forested areas - too much chaos. Near the waters edge? Too much mud and not enough leaves. I tried the field of golden prairie grasses, but that wouldn't do either. The frost was barely visible amongst the wispy yellow grass. I finally stumbled across a shaded area of meadow grass where the recently fallen snow was still lingering in intriguing shapes as it lay within the grass. Freshly fallen oak leaves added dots of color throughout the field and I was able to find a pristine orange leaf as it lay adjacent to a sweeping band of snow. The bed of frost covered grass beneath adds a texture and color that supports the simplistic composition of leaf and snow. The perfect intersection of winter and autumn.

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