Fall Gold, Colorado, USA by Betsy Botsford

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Picture Story

I was born in Boulder Colorado, although my family moved away when I was very young. It had always been my hope that I could return. I finally returned home to live in Colorado in June 2019 after a prolonged residence in Las Vegas, NV. I spent my summer driving back-roads hoping to find a scene that was full of that world-renowned Colorado fall color. I found this spot earlier in the summer while camping near the base of Mt. Sneffels, the tall peak in the distance. I could tell immediately the scene lent itself to a fall color photo shoot because of the abundance of aspen that would be phenomenal when the weather cooled, and the aspen started to change color.

I did not know of this spot prior to moving to Colorado, but apparently it is a favorite of the local photographers. I debated on whether to even go this day because there were no clouds in the forecast. I knew the aspens were in peak form that weekend, so I was compelled to go. I am so glad I did. The sun pouring through the trees was like liquid gold and I was delighted to get my camera in front of it. Besides the joy of being outside, I was gratified to have gotten the shot when I did because the next weekend temperatures dropped into freezing range and all the color was zapped from the trees. I hope to return next year and am hoping for some nice clouds next time.

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