Fairy Glen, Ffos Anoddun, Betws Y Coed, Wales by Mike Marshall

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Picture Story

A Sunday morning where I dragged my wife along with me to this location, it was the first clear day for what seemed like weeks in North Wales, as we got battered continuously by rain and high winds. Although photographed regularly by many tourists and photographers, there is a critical time of day which is also dependent upon the time of year, where the Sun shines nicely into the gorge, casting rays onto the right hand wall, lighting up the spray in the gorge and providing the magical combination of these elements to give a somewhat mystical sight and feel to the place. As the day was so clear I suspected the small car park would be full by the time we drove the 25 miles to there, but luckily it was half full with just another two photographers there when we arrived in the bottom of the gorge.

I hastily moved into position between the two photographers, making sure I was not impeding their view and set up. The window is short too as the Sun is "useful" for around 20-30 mins. I started with wide angles, but found the 70-200 was perfect for the day to crop nicely and to get "into" the gorge. So all done in 45 mins total and on our way back to the car, as more tourists and photographers arrived. And why not, its such a stunning place to be.

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