El Chalten, Santa Cruz, Argentina by Bernardo Galmrini

During a trip to Patagonia in 2018, I was looking for a good spot for the last photograph before it was too dark. Sunset light was almost over, and the last rays of the sun were hitting just the peaks at the background (Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre between many others)
After moving for a while along the route, i saw a perfect S shape with two close curves. I though: "This is the perfect foreground!" We just needed some cars or trucks with strong back lights to make a long enough line of light along the "S" during 30 seconds. Many cars passed but the back lights where very subtle... We had a few more attempts before the sun was gone, so a modern car with big bulbs in the back passed finally, letting behind a strong and clear red light curved trace. I saw the photo in the LCD screen and felt that it was THE picture. It was right on time before the sun vanished behind the Patagonian hills in the west.

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