EJ Peiker • Photographing the Islands of Hawaii Part II

Hawaii is a collection of islands – all beautiful and complex, not to mention ripe for fruitful photography trips. Here, EJ Peiker breaks down some island history and discusses how you can capture the imagery you want

Maui - The Valley Isle
Maui is a photographer’s dream with incredible beaches, an abundance of roadside waterfalls on the challenging road to Hana and some very interesting geological formations. The Iao needle in the ‘saddle’ of the island (the low land that connects the volcano to the east and the older one to the west) is an interesting formation of rock that looks like the point of a needle. Haleakala is Maui’s main volcano and the road rises to 11,000 feet to the edge of one of the world’s largest volcanic craters. The landscape inside is otherworldly – it’s like you just got off your spaceship on Mars. Haleakala is a very popular place to shoot sunrise but be prepared for the cold. At 11,000 feet above sea level, temperatures are as much as 50 degrees lower than along the coast and it can be very windy, so bring some warm clothes if you are planning to visit. You will also find the unique Hawaiian Silversword plant at Haleakala’s summit – the only place on Earth where this yucca-like plant grows. The twisty road up to Haleakala also has excellent bird photography at its various stops. On the eastern end of Maui lies the city of Hana and just south is a unique red sand beach called Koki Beach, which contains fantastic rock formations. Just a bit further south of that lie the ...

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