East Pier, Whitby, England by Sarah Howard

Whitby is a great location for photography with an attractive old harbour, the famous abbey ruins and St Marys church. It's twin piers also make for great subject matter.

I have usually photographed Whitby east pier at sunrise but wanted to try something in a different light so headed around to the west pier. It was early evening in late September and the light was wonderfully soft and warm, side lighting the lighthouse and pier really nicely. Having decided on my composition I selected the lowest ISO on the D810 of 64 and an aperture of F11. After taking a couple of test shots I decided to opt for a long exposure to smooth out the sea waves. I employed a 0.6 soft graduated filter to hold back the sky and initially experimented with a Little Stopper. Not quite getting the smoothness to the water that I was looking for, I eventually opted for the Big Stopper. This gave me a 70 second exposure which seemed to be just about right. It took a bit of patience as it's a popular spot for an evening stroll! I was pleased with the result, the soft light really brought out the texture in the stonework and the long exposure gave the water a lovely rich blue tone.

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