Dungalpitiya Beach, Sri Lanka by Krishnamani Ramanathan

This photo was taken at one of Sri Lanka’s lesser known treasures. Our stay in Dungalpitiya led us to Dungalpitiya Beach and I was stunned by what I saw. It was around dusk, and we were greeted by some of the strongest waves that I had ever encountered. Seeing this I was thrown off as I couldn’t figure out how to get the best possible shot. You can do all the planning in the world and have the best gear but all that counts, is what you do on that day. Given the beauty that was around me, I did not waste any time and took out my Nikon D750. Thankfully setting up the shot was a piece of cake and my trusted Sirui W-2204 and the Sirui K-40X Ball Head were giving me the stability that I needed. The Haida 150 x 170mm Red Diamond Soft-Edge GND 0.9 Filter (3 Stop) did the rest.

I was lucky that I stayed across the beach and it was a short walk that became one of the most memorable memories I’ve made. The beach was surprisingly deserted. There was not really a buzz around Dungalpitiya so you could find a peaceful spot quite easily. And this is exactly where I got to capture this beautiful moment. If nothing else, I am extremely proud of what me and my camera have been able to do. For those looking to visit to this incredible place, many might think that the summertime would be best, but I have something to tell them. Go there during the onset of the monsoon. Watching the rains travel across the Indian Ocean and reach you will definitely be a memorable experience.

Hey Krishnamani Ramanathan
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