Djupivogur Region, Iceland by Andy Gray

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Picture Story

This image was taken after a week long road tour of Iceland. We were travelling back clockwise after having started out from Reykjavik, via the Western fjords across the North, including the volcanic region of Myvatn. The thing about going to Iceland for a week is that it's impossible to see it all, so advanced planning is necessary.

This was our 4th trip so I had a list of the preferred locations to visit one or two I had not done before. Making the most of them over 1/2 or full days maximum is already a challenge due to weather changes. The other challenge is the distraction of the journey between locations, from a photographic perspective. Keeping an eye on the road is obviously important, but sometimes difficult when the scenery has so much to offer. Many times along a route that should take 2 hours its easy to make multiple stops and end taking 4 hours.

On this particular evening we were close to our next stop with the road running very close to the sea. The sun was already setting above some distant snow capped mountains across the peninsula. By the time I set up my tripod and decided on the composition blue hour had descended. the wind had dropped and I framed these 2 rocks that were half submerged in the shallow bay. I wanted to capture the background mountains with colour still in the sky against the foreground rocks. the composition became a single frame panorama using my wide angle lens. I wanted to smooth out the water using a long exposure time and small aperture combination to counter the light level. Even though it was dusk I still required a ND filter which not at hand for this particular image. The advantage with driving around and not being static is you have a greater chance of capturing at least one good image by covering a lot more ground en route to your next destination.

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