Diamond Notch Bridge, NY, Lexington, USA by Kyle Barden

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Although I wasn't able to hit all of the places on my list this past weekend, I am glad to have found this gem nestled away in the Catskill Mountains. The hike was quite easy and relaxing and the trail follows this river the entire way. Much of the trail was still very green so I was worried that I wouldn't get the color that I was in search of once I got to the falls. As I got closer I began to see more and more color in the trees since I was climbing higher into the mountain. I had the whole place to myself when I arrived giving me plenty of time to explore different compositions.

Late September to early August is a perfect time to visit this spot as there is a vibrant range of colors from the green moss and ground cover, to the yellow, orange and red leaves that had already begun to fall and surround the river rocks. Nailing the right exposure with such a high dynamic range scene with water flowing took a few tries to get just right. I couldn't leave the shutter open too long as I wanted to capture the mist of water bouncing off of the rock in the closest falls. After a few tries I landed on these settings and after reviewing the shot I knew that this was the one.

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