Death Valley, USA by Chip Carroon

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Picture Story

I am guessing that about 5 billion pictures are taken in Death Valley National Park each year. Maybe that is inaccurate. Maybe it is 10 billion. My comment is that it is difficult to find a significantly different image from the millions of other classical views. Therefore, I decided to try another approach. I climbed a 6,000 foot peak that overlooked the densely visited valley beyond. There certainly are other people that hike in this area, but there are not too many since the climb is steep and tiring. Furthermore, I thought that an image that captured the land and sky from the same position but at different times of day would be an interesting method. In this case, I took an exposure of the scene during the day and then an image at night and combined the two. The landscape is displayed in fairly high contrast which mimics the typical contrast of night exposures. Therefore, the resulting composite portrays the scene as it might appear in a single night exposure, if you had exactly the right combination of moonlight and stars, yet with much more resolution since I can image the land at low ISO. Furthermore, somewhat jokingly, I have taken a picture of the frequently visited sand dunes, in the right distance in the frame, as well as an image of the popular salt flats which are in the left distance. I feel assured that I will not start another Instagram trend since access to the view is a troublesome distance from the car.

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