Curry Ridge, Alaska, USA by Ray Bulson

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Picture Story

Curry Ridge in Denali State Park is a forest-to-alpine trail that overlooks the Alaska Range and Denali. Formerly known as Mt. McKinley, Denali is the highest mountain in North America. I scouted this location a week before this photo was taken to find a vantage point that would capture a grand scenic with autumn colors and blue skies. On that day cloud cover prevented me from taking the photo I had envisioned. However, based on the weather forecast predicting clear weather in two days, I planned another trip. When I left my house for the 2-3 hour drive that day the skies were completely clear. My anticipation was building. As I approached my destination, however, ground fog obscured the mountain range.

As I hiked up, I hoped that the rising sun would burn off the fog and reveal the magnificent autumn landscape below by the time I reached the vantage point. That never happened, so rather than come home empty handed, I photographed this intimate landscape of a portion of the trail. Fog makes for moody photos and this one certainly delivers. The autumn reds of bearberry and blueberry leaves interspersed with white reindeer lichen contrast nicely with the muted greens of the spruce trees. Overall, I was pleased with the day's outcome.

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