Cobden Falls, Betws-y-Coed, Snowdonia, Wales by Andrew Newark

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I have visited North Wales but this visit was wholly and solely for photographic purposes. I booked a cheap bothy for the weekend for just me not even the dog. I arrived late Friday afternoon and the skies darkened. I got some very dramatic "Storm Brewing over the Mountains" images and then the heavens opened! And how! Relentless cold penetrating rain fell from the low clouds all night and day and all night again.

That was most of the weekend washed away but Sunday morning the cloud lifted the rain stopped even the sun showed its warming face now and again. I had limited time to get round the view points I wanted and this spot was last on the list before heading for home. This image was taken from above the falls on a narrow metal footbridge only just wide enough to accommodate a Manfrotto tripod to the height required.

I had to make a judgement call next. I had thousands of £’s of kit all clipped together and I still had yet to drop in £100’s more of filters (Lee polariser and Big Stopper). Do I fit the filters with he camera in place overhanging the hand rail of the bridge clearly concerned that I might drop the filters and they would disappear beneath the roaring water if I fumbled? Or do I try to set it up - focus, filters and so on - in the safety of the carpark and carry all this gear back and forth over the river bank shrubs and out into position on the bridge risking a very unseemly slide into the depths? I settled for the lowest cost option.

I used cable release reaching up from the rocks below as the bridge was moving under me when stood beside my camera. The result is a pleasant image taken in forty seconds that seemed to take forever to get. Worth it though

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