Climbing A Waterfall, Vail, Colorado, USA by Jeffery Hudson

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Picture Story

This image is powerful to me. The day this capture was taken we were passing through a small tourist town in Colorado, Vail, I saw this giant mountain to the south that had frost and snow on every pine tree from bottom to peak, glistening in the sunlight. It was beautiful. I told my wife that we needed to pull off the highway and take a picture of this mountain, it was too stunning to forget. We pulled off the main road and made our way to the perfect location to capture the entire mountain. Unfortunately no matter how I composed the image, it just wouldn't work. It was disappointing. I decided to zoom in a little on some of the trees that were glittering in the sunlight, and once again, that didn't work.

I got back into my car and looked at the image on my camera, I saw this spec on the screen, I thought it was some dust on my sensor, but as I zoomed in I noticed it was a person climbing a waterfall. To put into perspective, this waterfall is massive, but almost unnoticeable when compared to the sheer size of this mountain. It then dawned on me, the perfect composition for this shot. I took out my camera and zoomed all the way in on this waterfall, highlighting this daring individual as he conquered this daunting waterfall. It was a true testament about how small we as people are, and just what we are actually able to accomplish with a little determination and will power.

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