Chip Carroon • Nevada Outback: The Obscure Land

The most common trip to Nevada is about lights, big shows and slot machines.However, as Chip Carroon says, the state’s diverse outdoor delights such as mountains and springs provide beautiful vistas

Nevada is a state that many people travel through en route to other destinations, but they often do not stop because they don’t realize what is available there. Those who do stop to explore the state’s rural attractions will find fewer crowds as well as numerous recreational and photographic opportunities.

I have spent much time in Nevada because of its low population density and also because I enjoy the mountainous terrain. As photographers, we are often interested in new experiences in different locations. Since there is startling diversity in Nevada, here are some reasons to check it out.

First of all, almost 88 percent of the state is public land. Though access to those areas may not always be easy, it is usually permissible. The state is in the center of the Great Basin, which is comprised of inward draining valleys between abrupt mountain ranges. Most of the state is at a ...

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Chip Carroon

Chip Carroon worked in the San Francisco Bay area for many years as he specialized in location photography for annual reports, advertising, and photojournalism. In later years, he has returned to the interests of his youth as he continues perfecting his techniques in landscape photography.

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