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One of the most over-photographed places in the world is Iceland. How can you bring something new to this location, one which is teeming with fellow snappers? Chip Carroon has some advice for you

I have been to Iceland many times. The views are always interesting and you cannot help but be excited at some of the possibilities. However, photographers are constantly swarming all over the island. The perception is that you may be using the same tripod holes as the visitor before you.

Many people complain that the classic views of Iceland have been photographed too often. In reaction to this, one trend has been to go in the winter. I have pursued that more than once, but the bottom line for some people is that it is time to move on to other places, and I am doing that in multiple ways.

I had the idea of exploring alternative subjects on the island that others may have missed. I decided to go to less accessible terrain that is farther from the crowds that have now become extensive. I thought of the central Highlands. That area does not have the ...

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Chip Carroon

Chip Carroon worked in the San Francisco Bay area for many years as he specialized in location photography for annual reports, advertising, and photojournalism. In later years, he has returned to the interests of his youth as he continues perfecting his techniques in landscape photography.

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