Chatham, Ontario, Canada by Dave Noordhoff

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Picture Story

Sometimes there’s something happening very close to home, and that was the case some years ago when an overnight frost caught the tops of the evergreen shrubs beside our front porch. This phenomenon usually happens during the “edges of winter”, when moist air is warmer than the solid surfaces it touches. In this case, most parts of these bushes were snow covered from the previous day’s weather, but the tops had been exposed.

Even though it was cool and an overcast dull morning, the frost was disappearing fast; these parts of the shrubs were in shadow, and I hoped the white covering might last long enough to get a few images before it was gone.

Being less than ten metres from my door, I was able to quickly return inside and get my camera and a short telephoto. I didn’t bother with a tripod. I set a relatively fast shutter speed to make sure camera shake wouldn't ruin the image. I hoped an aperture around f/8 would blur the background. I had to use a higher ISO than I would have normally chosen as there wasn’t a lot of light in the shadows. I shot several images at different combinations and this one turned out the best.

Recently I took advantage of more modern software to reprocess the original RAW file.
In the future, I suppose I would take the time to use a tripod, “Live View” and a remote shutter release. If it was calm enough, I could use a slower shutter, set a lower ISO, and maybe a bit wider aperture.

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