Charley’s Garden Stack, Collywell Bay, Northumberland, England by Norma McKellar

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Yes Charley really is ma darlin' as the song says. A dawn this time so glorious in colour it needed some desaturation.

Location Charley's garden, SSI site. Historically 19th century early when stack joined to land a local resident of Seaton Sluice used to grow potatoes atop of the sandstone stack. A relic of the continental plate shift, the stack's geology originated near Africa.

Now the only thing atop is a regular flock of cormorants. It has a face one called Charley. For a decade or so I have been charting the erosion. It used to feel like my special spot... now it has become an iconic place for photographers, and wonderful it is to have it celebrated so before its demise. Never fails to give you a new surprise each visit, so no best season. it is east coast and there are cliffs, so a dawn shot. I've many long exposures there, but this one I wanted to feel the energy.

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