Caspian Sea, Iran by Zahra Niavarani

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Picture Story

Caspian Sea (Persian: Khazar Sea) is a gem on the northern borders of Iran. It is actually the world’s largest lake without outflows which is situated between Asia and Europe. There are tens of cities along Iranian part of the shore which attract tones of tourists, particularly Iranians from northern half of country, especially in spring and summer. In some parts, the sandy beaches are covered by shells while in some other part you can find rocky beaches.

My husband and I had a one-day trip to a beach resort along Caspian Sea in vicinity of a city Abbasabad about four years ago. It was summer time and therefore lots of people from tourist to locals were at beach. We sat on the beach and among all crowd of people who were jogging or playing games, tried to relax and enjoy the sea. After a while, the sky changed in color and some beautiful tones of warm colors revealed. At such a crowded beach, it was impossible to take a picture without featuring some individuals. So we walked along the sea to find a cozy region hopping not to miss that spectacular sunset. We finally found a tranquil area with the landscape of rocks emerging from water in shallow areas. It was getting dark and I had no time for trial and error, so immediately found a rock to fix my camera and took the shot.

This picture reminds me of an intact place we discovered among the crowded beaches and the relaxing night we spent at that peaceful beach.

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