Canola fields, Molondin, Switzerland by Alexander Gellner

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Picture Story

The landscape in the area where I live is characterized by agriculture. Little or no spectacular vistas of virgin nature; instead lots of fields, farms and villages. For photography, this presents a challenge to find compelling landscape compositions, but at the same time also an opportunity to build compositions around and including those fields – every year is different, depending on what is planted.

So every year I eagerly wait for the fields to show their faces in spring, and my focus is mainly on the canola fields. Their intensive yellow in April and May turn the area into a very picturesque, checkerboard-like scenery, very pleasing to the eye. Compositions everywhere. Or so I thought. While the scenery is indeed very nice, I found it very hard to identify compelling compositions of those fields - as we all know, there is a difference between a great view and a great picture. As I work full-time I basically only have the weekends for photography, and as the weather in spring is not very predictable it was a race against time to find the picture I had in mind. The yellow fades quickly as summer approaches. So I was excited when I found that tree, and the dark clouds in the background make for good contrast against the bright yellow of the canola field. Even though it only makes up a small portion of the picture it makes the difference between an average lonely tree shot and an image that I’m quite happy with.

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