Canola Field, Saskatchewan, Canada by Bradley East

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This photo was taken near Cabri, Saskatchewan, Canada on July 7th, 2019. It showcases the vibrancy of the Canola fields that cover a large portion of the Canadian Prairies. It also showcases the reason why Saskatchewan is known for being called "the land of the living skies". This particular location is located near my family farm. I was out driving one day checking how the fields were doing and brought my camera along for the ride. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to capture the dramatic contrast of the yellow Canola fields with the rich blue sky. I primarily filled the image with the sky to capture the clouds that were rolling in that day. I find that the contrast of the Canola helps to balance out the overall image. This image evokes a sense of calmness for me as it reminds me of home, and it is my hope that it does the same for you.

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