Boulder Beach, Acadia National Park, USA by Thomas Pohlig

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My wife and I made our first trip to Acadia National Park located on the Eastern Shore of Maine. We are from the Jersey Shore, some 600 miles away, where the Coast is flat and sandy, so I was very excited to have to chance to photograph a Rocky Shoreline. My interest in photography is centered around a fascination with long exposures of the sea. In my photographs I want to convey not just a moment in time but more of an extended sense of time.

One of the places I was excited to photograph was an area called Boulder Beach, because of the waters flowing over the boulders. This picture was taken just after Sunset from that Beach. There was a considerable climb just to get down to this Beach, my wife declined to climb down. In fact she thought I got swept out to sea because I was down there so long. The climb down was tough, but I did get the beach all to myself, probably because of the steep climb down. I used a long exposure (25 seconds at f/8) to give a misty look around the boulders. The hardest part of photographing here wasn’t the climb down but trying to find a stable position for the tripod amongst the boulders. The experience was wonderful. Being there near sunset with no people around it was a very meditative experience that I shall not soon forget.

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