Botallack Mines, Cornwall, England by Lloyd Austin

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Having spent a week in Cornwall in early November 2018, the opportunities to get out and shoot images were few and far between. The constant heavy rain and storm force winds were unrelenting. Nether the less, these weather conditions can really help exaggerate drama and atmosphere making this already beautiful and rugged coastline even more appealing.

By midweek the weather still wasn’t playing ball, so I ventured to Botallack where the local weather forecast was looking a little more promising towards the end of the day.

Having parked up I waited patiently for some hours for the stormy winds and rain to subside. Several Cornish pasties later I was afforded some rest bite, where I scrambled down across a narrow ridge to a parallel vantage point adjacent to the Crowns. A rather large boulder provides some shelter from the wind and rain, where I was able to setup my composition and hope the dreaded salty sea spray wouldn’t ruin my shot.

This particular image was taken shortly after sunset, has an exposure time of 244 seconds. The stormy conditions and long exposure created the drama and mood I wanted to capture which I hope you enjoy too.

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