Book Review: Wild Light

The beautiful and remote Scottish Highlands are explored in Craig Aitchison’s new book, a major body of work hewn over several years. What sets it apart from the rest?

Photographer Craig Aitchison has just produced his second book, following on from ‘The Highlands: Light and Land’, which appeared in 2012. This new book is a collection of panoramic film images of the Scottish Highlands and Islands shot over a seven-year period.

It is increasingly rare these days to see new work shot on film. Most of the older traditional landscape photographers started their photographic careers in the days of film, but they have slowly adopted digital imaging as the quality has improved to the point where it meets their own personal quality standards. Craig Aitchison is different. He started out with a digital SLR but switched to a panoramic Hasselblad Xpan in pursuit of his own personal connection to image-making.

He says, “Although my earliest images were taken using a digital SLR, the digital workflow is one I have never wholly connected with. I moved to using a Hasselblad panoramic film camera in 2006, and feel that film helps to maintain the level of authenticity that I am looking for. I have a very limited number of shots available, meaning that a much more disciplined approach is required, with images being carefully planned and executed. The somewhat convoluted workflow associated with the use of film also allows a sense of space and time to develop between capturing the image and getting the final results. It might be a couple of weeks between releasing the shutter and seeing the final image. During this time a greater sense of perspective becomes ...

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