Bonsai Rock, California, USA by Helder Silva

It’s been a while since I visited Tahoe, one of the most beautiful lakes I‘ve seen yet. I remember the first time I visited it and some locals told me “this is where God lives” because they thought it was such a magical, gorgeous place. It really is!

That weekend, a storm started to form above the lake and around the Sierras. The sunlight was blocked by the clouds, and the lake started to be agitated... but even while that was happening, it was still calm and peaceful immediately around me. I knew if I was patient enough I could capture and both the moody and tranquil elements all in one photo.

Here’s the shot! The photo reminds me of a magical moment, like something from a fairytale or a fantastical world. It’s almost like the Lady of the Lake from the Arthurian tales is in the water, just waiting to hand Excalibur to its next master.

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