Blue Hour, Kwade Hoek, The Netherlands by Dion van den Boom

This photo was taken with the last little bit of light of the day at Kwade Hoek in the Netherlands on a rainy day in January. Several showers made us almost pack-up earlier and call it a day, but fortunately we waited out the rain showers. Strolling along the beach my focus was close to my feet, searching for shells, which could be a nice subject in the foreground. For me the emphasis should be on the lonely razor clam, lying between the sand ribs on the beach. Therefore, I moved the lens up as close as possible. Because of this short focusing distance, there still is a rather shallow depth of field, despite using an aperture of f/14. But for me this adds to the intimate character of this lonely shell on the beach.

The center pole of my tripod was inverted to get as close as possible to the shell. So, I had to handle the camera upside down, which added a little challenge, since I didn't bring my headlight. Plus focusing was really hard as there was hardly any light left. Since there was still a significant difference in light between the sky and the foreground I also used a gradual ND filter to even it out. I calculated the required exposure time and then it was a waiting game for the result.

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