Banias Nature Reserve, Israel by Amos Ravid

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Picture Story

The last winter, which was blessed with a great amount of rain, was a great opportunity to go out to the streams, take a walk and take some pictures of course. After a few relatively dry years it was wonderful to see all the streams and waterfalls filled with so much water once again. Of course I wanted to do more but really, one can not complain. I hope to complete the rest next year.

This Photo was taken in the Hermon stream national reserve. It is located in the north edge of Israel and also known for its old Arabic name Banias (after the Greek god Pan). It is well established and very accessible with some light and easy walking. On the other hand you are not allowed to get off the official trails within its regulated parts of the park so, sometimes you need some creativity and a bit of "Hutzpa" (Which I usually do not encourage). I went there on a rainy weekend, the perfect conditions for photographing streams and waterfalls. Another advantage of such weather is that the reserve is really empty and I had some great time with the whole place for myself. Because of the need for the "creativity" I mentioned above I did not have too much time to take this shot but still, I'm quite satisfied with it. It is a single exposure shot of 1.6 sec. I will sure be back next winter to complete the never-ending mission. Meanwhile, have a blessed summer everyone.

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