Autumn Dinorwic, Wales by Matthew Holland

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A week in North Wales with the gang to explore the numerous slate quarries and hidden gems around Snowdonia. We had hoped for better weather by going later than the previous year where we were stuck with the full wrath of Storm Brian during our visit.
This year we had no storms but still plenty of rain, but we wouldn’t want it any other way.

The rain and dark clouds really helped bring Snowdonia and the slate quarries to life.
On a few days we had clear blue skies and it looked odd and left the quarries, remaining buildings and lone trees looking Photoshopped and out of place.

For many it might sound odd to be out in the rain and cold all day and personally I could think of many better things rather than stood in the rain, in the middle of a slate mountain.
The rain had its benefits making the slate wet, adding some shine and depth to the photos but equally made photographing the environment challenge with a cover and cloth at the ready to the front elements and filters.

With most of the week being grey and overcast, light was difficult to come by, so we had to make the best of a somewhat bad situation. Using the rain to hide details and fog the scene or under exposing to capture the darker side to the National Park.

Snowdonia is amazing throughout the year for all different reasons but personally my favourite is Autumn and Winter. Its quieter and although the weather can be severe it makes it all that more fun and rewarding out in the mountains.

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