Arthur Harbor, Anvers Island, Antarctica by Cynthia Spence

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The crescent moon reflects in a calm ocean at twilight over Arthur Harbor near Anvers Island in the Antarctic Peninsula. In the background is the Marr Ice Piedmont, a glacier which covers most of Anvers Island, which is located at approximately 64 degrees south just outside the Antarctic Circle. On occasion it thunderously calves into the harbor. This photo was taken deep into the austral winter in early August. It was composed and stitched together from multiple photos with the telephoto set at 95mm. A very high ISO was used to stop motion as much as possible, because floating ice is always moving and this is especially noticed in photos with dim light.

A tripod was used for stability, but one must still be quick to pan and snap to get the shots fairly regular so they can be stitched into one photo. The attraction to this composition was the glassy water, the reflection of the moon, and the moon itself in a very clear sky. In the end, because of experience I knew the photo would be a cool blue, but peaceful.

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