Andrew Cox • Discovering Scilly

Beyond the end of Cornwall lies a little-photographed gem. Andrew Cox tells us how to find and get the best out of these small islands and their beautiful topography

Land’s End. The very name conjures up visions of sheer-faced cliffs with nothing beyond, the edge of the world envisioned by flat-earth believers. Yet, the name is misleading. For while this iconic tip of the Cornish coast marks the south-westerly end of the British mainland there is, in fact, somewhere that lies beyond. Nearly 30 miles into the Atlantic, crouched low to the horizon, sit a collection of over 100 islands that collectively form the Isles of Scilly.

Every nature photographer is likely to have heard of Scilly. It is a haven for birdlife with puffins in the spring, cormorants, guillemots and more exotic migratory birds that have the misfortune to be blown off course during the course of their travels. Those who prefer flora and fauna will have heard of Tresco, one of only five inhabited islands, where the crews from the sailing ships of yesteryear brought seeds and cuttings from far-flung corners of the globe. Today, it has a mixture of unusual plants and flowers quite unlike anywhere else in the UK.

Yet, what does Scilly offer the landscape photographer? If you get good weather, these are some of the most beautiful, untouched places in the whole of the country offering ...

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