Altopiano di Asiago, Italy by Adriana Benetti Longhini

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Picture Story

As many people know I have an incredible love for trees...they are majestic in every way. During the freak snowstorm on the 5th May this year when all our meadows and fields had turned a brilliant green and spring flowers were sprouting everywhere I knew I couldn't stay indoors. One tree, a beech or Fagus sylvatica needed my attention. From what little info I have I think it is about 128 years old and has survived the huge battles that took place here during WW1.

This European beech is common to most parts of northern Italy and marks the important border between the European deciduous forest zone and the northern pine forest zone. It is an excellent wood for fires and I only burn this wood in my fireplace at home.

This splendid tree is situated on a busy rural road leading into the town of Asiago and is surrounded by tarmac, fences and other trees, therefore difficult to photograph. On that particular day with snow constantly falling on my lens glass made it even more so and later on that week I ordered an umbrella holder gadget for my tripod!

Having said this, a day with a blizzard coming down seemed to be the perfect situation to capture this living beauty and our fabulous forests on the Altopiano of Asiago; she is a beautiful old tree and I just love her in all the seasons.

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