Almograve, Alentejo, Portugal by Rob Christiaans

During our holiday in June in the Algarve, Portugal, we made a trip by our rental car to the Alentejo region. This is an area close to Lisbon, just to the south at the Atlantic Ocean.

We have visited the Atlantic coast at the small village of Almograve. The coast line is very rough, with high cliffs, deserted and sandy beaches. Also known for the high waves and the several surf spots. There are also lots of great rock formations at the shallow waters which I needed for my photo.

This picture was made on a cloudy day in June, standing with my tripod in the ocean. I used a graduated filter for the sky and a 10 stops ND filter to get a long exposure and a dreamy effect where I was looking for. The rocks were a bit greenish with moss and popped up out of the water. Before we went on this holiday I searched the internet for the best locations, to make a photo like this. Sometimes it takes a lot of time but when you're at your destination it all will work and you won't regret it.

During the day, it rained a little bit so I had to wait for the right moment, and off course all depends on the tides. High tide, no rocks and low tide too many rocks and less water. After some hours waiting and exploring the area, the situation was perfect and I was lucky to get this photo.

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    I know this beach vey well, because I have been going there on vacations for more than 40 years. I also do a lot of my photography in this coast. Good shot you got here.

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