Alister Benn • The Death of Creativity

Our personal judgment, rather than the expectations of others, is what we should trust and focus on. Alister Benn tells us how to think less and feel more

Let’s be fair, some rules are pretty useful, such as agreeing what side of the road to drive on, which makes getting from A to B somewhat less stressful. However, telling an aspiring landscape photographer that a composition is wrong because it doesn’t comply with a critic’s aesthetic preference is utter nonsense and the death of creativity. Worst yet, telling someone something is wrong because it doesn’t meet with some random societal standard of acceptability is a farce.

I have written about judgment in the past. It is naturally inherent to all of us and it often keeps us alive. ‘Is now a great time to step off the sidewalk?’ ‘Does that left over pate smell ok?’ Judging is hard-wired into our genetic code and it isn’t going away. What I have tried to do is divorce opinion from any concept of ultimate truth. Opinion is perspective, based on observations, conditioning and exposure. Opinion has little to do with absolute truth.

On my YouTube channel I make videos about the creative process, and most explicitly, our own relationship with our art form. I have no interest in telling anyone what to do, what to say, or how to express themselves. I am interested in my own engagement with the world, what that tells me about myself and how to help others find their unique creative paths. Often enough ...

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Alister Benn

Alister Benn is the Founder of Expressive Photography Limited, a company dedicated with passion to encourage individual creativity. He also produces weekly YouTube videos on the entire creative process, from vision, engagement, aesthetics, geometry to the technical aspects of capture and the myriad of processing options.

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