Alex Otto • Benefits of Photographing Iconic Locations

When you are planning a trip, what are the primary drivers of choice? In the first of a two-part feature, Alex Otto lays out the pros and cons of visiting iconic locations

Oftentimes when I plan a trip, I wonder if I should rather go for a location that is popular amongst tourists, travellers and photographers or if I should do the exact opposite, visiting an area which is a bit off the beaten path and may still be relatively unknown. This inner debate with myself usually is oriented along several key arguments which speak for one of the two options. There are inherent advantages to shooting iconic destinations as well as photographing those that have yet to gain more attention from audiences. In this two-part feature, I wish to shed some light on the various aspects which you may consider when setting up an itinerary. Whether you are a hobbyist or a seasoned professional, I hope you find something here to aid you in your decision-making. Instead of focusing on the negative sides I will primarily focus on the positive of said categories. This first part of the feature will examine the upsides of taking pictures of famous spots.

I have tried to categorise the advantages into two sections: benefits for hobbyists and then for professionals. So let me start with the advantages for hobbyists.

For many landscape photographers it can be attractive to have to do only minimal organisational work before heading out. Finding information about the chosen destination, whether online or in guides, is fairly easy for well known locations as their popularity has caused many location guides, blog posts and all kinds of different sources of information to be written and published. Shooting a location like Saxony, for example, isn’t difficult even for those not familiar with the national park. Hiking maps which reveal some of the less-shot viewpoints and paths less hiked are readily available in local shops and online. The same can be said for ...

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