Alain Briot • San Juan River Project

A short series can provide as much insight as a photography project that takes months. Alain Briot relinquished control and spent time in a canyon leading into the Colorado River, with the results proving gratifying

I regularly work on projects as well as on mini-series, the difference between the two being the time I spent working on a specific collection of images. While a project can take months or years to complete, a mini- series takes only thirty minutes to an hour to complete. This was the case with this mini-series for which less than an hour was spent capturing images. The processing itself took longer but no more than a week in total was spent.

This brevity is adequate when the series is confined to a small geographical area or a specific subject. Both were the case here: the geographical area being a short section of the San Juan River where sandstone walls line the river’s edge and the subject being the canyon walls themselves.

Such a short timeframe provides quick gratification and prompt project completion. The immediacy of the results also prevents ...

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