Alain Briot • Raw File Color Variations

The variations of color palette are endless. Each artistic decision to create color harmony is carefully made, as Alain Briot illustrates in his study of making variations of the same image

During sunset, light takes on a unique quality. The sun is low and its horizontal rays take on warm hues, the color spectrum filtered by the atmospheric layers hovering over the earth. At such times, when looking straight into the sun, I have a hard time seeing colors in the backlit landscape. When there are no clouds, the sky is nearly white and the landscape beneath is shrouded in deep shadows. To my eye it appears grey, darkened by the necessity to squint and shield my eyes from the intense brightness.

I need to underexpose the raw capture to record a hint of color in the sky, making the image on the LCD screen look dark and featureless. At such times, knowing which colors to select when rendering the image is challenging. In the field I have no specific idea, since I am immersed in experiencing and capturing the moment, making sure the composition is interesting and the exposure settings correct. It is only when I am back in the studio that I am able to make specific color choices. As the image is nearly monochromatic, no specific color palette is visible in the raw file. So, I follow ...

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