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Printed photographs have a life and a beauty of their own. Alain Briot waxes lyrical about how print is the logical conclusion of the process of making images and talks critically about how an Epson can change your process

Printing is the least popular digital photography activity today. We capture many digital photographs, we process a large number of them and we post many images on our websites, blogs and social media pages. Unfortunately, we print a very small number of these images. As I wrote in my previous essay, Printing and Traditions, making prints in the digital age is far from being what it was in the chemical age. This is in large part because we do not need to print a photograph to see it. It is available in digital format and for many this is enough. However, a print is far more than an image viewed on a digital screen. It has a physical life and a beauty of its own. It exists by itself and does not require a technological device to be seen. It can be signed, mounted, matted, framed and displayed. It can be sold if you are in the business of selling your work. All this to say that a print is the logical conclusion of the image creation process. This is the way it was with chemical photography and this is the way I continue to see it today with digital photography.

The device that makes an image on screen become a print on paper is the inkjet printer. As such, printers are just as important as the cameras, lenses, computers and all the other gear and consumables that we use. They are just less popular. In fact, while all photographers own cameras, lenses, computers, digital devices and all sorts of other gear, not all of them ...

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