Alain Briot • Hard and Soft Skills

What is the difference between the two when it comes to fine art photography? Alain Briot’s new piece breaks down how important both are and how they can be learned

Hard skills are factual, technical and quantifiable. Soft skills, on the other hand, are subjective, artistic and difficult to quantify. This series of essays focuses on the concept of vision in fine art photography. As vision is a soft skill, a discussion of soft and hard skills is therefore appropriate in the context of this series.

Soft skills are underestimated in fine art photography today. This is essentially because fine art photography is a technical medium. As it is a combination of both art and science, the creation of a successful fine art photograph requires both soft and hard skills.

I will start this discussion by looking at what soft and hard skills are and how the former can be taught, including considerations about mentoring, experience, practice and other topics relevant to ...

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