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In discussing the use of flare, Alain Briot waxes lyrical about how the opportunities offered by digital photography have changed his creative practice and process

I construct images. This is what I do. I don’t just capture raw photographs, process them and convert them. I alter them, warp them and reformat them. I change their color palette, dramatically modify their contrast and use every digital means available to make them look the way I want. I like to joke that I do unspeakable things to them, but I am not joking. For me these things are not unspeakable. They are enjoyable, liberating even. But for those who continue to follow a strict film paradigm, a rigid way of processing images that is limited to adjusting color and contrast, the things I do are indeed unspeakable.

However, for someone who was never happy with the limitations that film imposed on creativity, for someone who was trained as a painter and did not understand why shapes and colors couldn’t be moulded instead of being fixed by the film they were recorded on, these things are a dream come true, a godsend.

I make no secret that if it was not for digital capture and processing I would have quit photography long ago. I may have gone back to painting, since this is the medium I was first trained in, or I could have done something completely different, but I would not have pursued using a medium that had so many limiting and frustrating aspects.

But this is now, digital is here and I make full use of it. This is also the start of a new series of essays, a series focused not on the how but the why of what I do and on explaining the thinking process I go through when I create digital images. This thinking takes place in my mind and I am not necessarily aware of it when I work. Neither do I need to be. Only the result counts. If the image ...

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