Agate Beach Twilight, Newport, Oregon, USA by Richard Sandford

Picture Story

This image was made at Agate Beach, a little north of Newport, Oregon. It looks out toward the Yaquina Head lighthouse and point. I was originally planning only to photograph the setting full moon on this morning, but was very pleasantly surprised to find the blue and pink bands of twilight dropping down toward the western horizon.

I found the only foreground object available, a seagull braving a stiff offshore breeze, and composed the image to have as much of the reflective wet sand and color as possible. The incoming waves throw off quite a bit of spray when breaking, thanks to that offshore wind.

Using the 70-200 f/2.8 lens, at 170 mm, I got some great depth to the image, as the lighthouse is actually a couple of miles from this beach. I was also able to give the seagull some room as well, as he sat pretty motionless for several minutes while I captured several images. I love photographing along the beaches of Oregon in general, they have a lot of nice width to them, usually, but they do change seasonally due to storms and tides. I highly recommend a trip along the Pacific coast, any season and weather. Just a word of caution: NEVER, ever, turn your back to the ocean!! Rogue waves can hit at any time and anywhere, and sweep you out.

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